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Spider Hero:Super City HeroSpider Heros:Super Heros City rope lv2_Popularmodapk.com

Spider Hero:Super City Hero

Amazing Spider Hero Game!

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider Game Play:
The bite of a radioactive spider begins to mutate within the human body to gain superpowers. Spider powers include superhuman strength, a sixth sense (such as a "spider sense" that alerts him to danger), perfect fighting skills, and the speed and agility of a superhero

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider CRAFT NEW SKILLS SYSTEM:
craft unique skills to supplement the spider's power.

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider:SAVE YOUR CITY
Your Vice City is under attack by Dangerous Dragons and angry robots be the super hero the world wants and save the city using your Spider Hero senses and real super hero super powers.

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider:USE YOUR SPIDER POWER
Follow chase and kill the crazy dragons by using your rope hero rope throwing climbing and swinging super power. Climb tall buildings and fight the angry dragons to save your city.
Transform your spidy hero into cool dragon and fight the enemy dragons in air by flying towards enemy and using Fire spit power of your dragon hero but beware of enemy dragon’s fire attacks.

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider:FIGHT TO EVIL
Save your city from crime mafia lords by defeating crime mafia gang’s angry robots using super punch and super smash super powers and get rid of crime mafia in this Spider Hero wali game.
This Spider Hero wali game seems easy but the whole vice city depends on you. Be the rope hero this city needs to eradicate all the crime and rescue the citizens using your sapder man wali game powers .

Spider Hero:Super City Hero Spider:ENJOY HERO GAME PLAY
Be the hero your vice city needs so that whole crime city would fear you. Use all of your fantastic powers and marvelous strategies to protect the people of vice city in this Spider Hero wali game.
Enjoy speed hero abilities using Super Sprint destruction run and chase the enemies by becoming speed hero and run fast like lightening fast speed hero.
vSpider Heros:Super Heros City rope lv2 · 56.1MB
Riverside Merge1.26.360_Popularmodapk.com

Riverside Merge

Riverside needs your help! A devastating earthquake has destroyed the town and it’s citizens need YOU to restore it to its former glory. Join the citizens of Riverside in an unforgettable adventure to rebuild their town better than ever in this fun merge adventure!

Pick up jobs around the town, and use your merging skills to repair it’s many buildings and streets. Build and design homes, restaurants, parks and even the town yoga studio! But beware! All is not as peaceful as it seems in Riverside, and a greedy land tycoon seeks to steal your contracts and use cheap building materials that will surely not hold up! Give Riverside’s citizens the town they deserve, using your handy merge skills and creativity to bring it back to life!

Discover the town's secrets as you unlock the mysterious areas that were destroyed in the earthquake and restore them from the ground up. Gain experience by completing tasks and discovering new items to merge, while leveling up to become Riverside’s master builder. You’ll have so much fun solving Riverside’s many puzzles.

Game Features:

Merge items to discover hundreds of unique tools and items to rebuild the town.
Unlock new zones with unique gameplay and bring the town back to its former glory!
Interact with Riverside’s in-game characters, who will give you tasks and help you to restore and decorate the town.
Take part in an unforgettable adventure with an addictive story and amazing animations - you won’t be disappointed!
Relaxing gameplay. Just merge two items and then renovate the town. It couldn’t be any more simple
Play for free both online and offline!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

v1.26.360 · 70.0MB
Pretend City Firefighter Life1.0_Popularmodapk.com

Pretend City Firefighter Life

What is that smell? Is something burning out in town? Oh no call the fireman, apartment next to me is on fire. But wait, why we should call the fireman. When we can be the fire fighter of the city. Fun Bytes Studio is one of the most popular pretend 2d games creator. They are introducing you "Pretend City Firefighter Life" the fire fighter game. This fire safety and fire escape game are all in one of fire fighter games.
You are the fireman officer of the city. The firefighter work with his whole family. You live in fire station with your family. The fire fighter family who save people together from instructions. Whenever you hear the fire siren sound. You get up from your seat and run towards control room. Check the location for the emergency place in the town. Now quickly wear your fireman dress and go to your fire truck. Quickly start the fire truck and drive to the location soon as possible in this fire truck game. When you react on the location park your fire truck in front of the building. Take out the water pipe from the truck and start fighting with the fire fireman.
Fire Fire.! You will hear voices of people who get stuck in the fire building. Pick up your fire safety gadgets enter in to building to save people. Rescue the people and get them out from fire escape in this fire fighter game. Check your fire truck water tank, the water level is getting low. But do not worry about it in this fire fighter game. You can refill your water tank anytime in this fire truck game. Hence, load your fire safety items onto the truck. After saving everyone, time to get back to city headquarters.
When you get back to the fire station. Change your fireman dress and explore the fire station. The most entertaining thing about pretend fire fighter games are exploring. You can use anything you can see. However, can change fireman dress, change the look of the rooms. Use firefighter computer and see the city safety coverage. There are so many rooms to explore of fire station in this pretend fire fighter game. This is the time to explore more surprising features by yourself.
So don't stop..!! Download "Pretend City Firefighter Life" now.

v1.0 · 22.3MB
City Taxi Driving: Taxi Games2.0.3_Popularmodapk.com

City Taxi Driving: Taxi Games

First proper Multiplayer taxi simulator game on store, where you are in racing against your mate to pick up your first job, or you might be playing against any rivals around the globe, to do your pick ups and drop offs ASAP and make money for yourself. Become the first taxi driver amongst the whole room to earn first 100 dollars and earn extra reward. With extra reward you can buy a new faster cab for yourself, which even get the jobs done faster.
Heard a lot about the crazy car taxi and the mad cab driver, here the street cabby is quite sober, but we can’t say the same about the passengers, specially on weekend nights in this car simulator game, top in real car taxi games 2020. Staying on the road for longer hours, and some crazy idiots are trying to take you with their racing intention or you have to race to get the job done just in time, can be very hectic at times. You have to watch out for police not to book you in no car parking slot or come against a trucker for some insane impossible adventure on city road with all the traffic, thinking that they are fast track, meant for speed.
Cab driving is a tough business, when you want to drive a night shift, or you want to make some extra cash on the weekends. Passengers are waiting anxiously, you are racing against time in multiplayer mode, at the same time you might have to race against some lousy car drivers on city street. The challenges you face as a real city cab driver game 2018 are immense in this taxi simulator 2021 game. The passengers are drunk, in some cases they are unable to talk. As a pro Cabby in city cab driving simulator 2018, you have to find your way out of all these circumstances. Hints are given to you during this car taxi games 2021 to avoid some of these unavoidable hill cab driver games circumstances in this 3d simulator 2017.
Meanwhile as a day cabbie, you are dealing with sober clients, but they are with crazy city cab driver sim 2016 car rush most of the time, as they are running late to their work in one of the best taxi driving simulator 2020. Some of them are running late, as they have to catch an early morning flight, so show some unique cabby skills in the morning peak hours in these car games 3d. Airport cab driving games are supposed to go to cab rank, rather than car parking, not to get booked by police on the airport street, and ending up paying hefty fines, which is impossible for anyone in car taxi sim 2020.
Some crazy city driver are driving on the city road, as they own all the city street to themselves. Show respect to the other traffic, to avoid impossible and unavoidable issues with the police force, and may be city rangers as parking enforcement officers, as the road is there to share and stay away from all these issues and enjoy this mountain taxi sim 2016. Why don’t you try our new uber can mode, where the passenger location is on the move all the time and you have to get hold of him before any other cabby, if you really wanna enjoy this Real car taxi simulator 2020 game.
There are even more interesting modes in this 4x4 offroad taxi simulator 2021, where the job is broadcast on the network in city cab driving games, and you have to get to him before anyone else gets there and take your job, all you have to is to plan your journey according to the shortest route with less traffic and get to the passenger asap and enjoy good pay outs, one of the great advantage of this hill cab simulator 2021. If you really wanna get any taste of real cab driving games 2020, then try our extreme drunk passenger picking mode, maneuvering with the passenger while enjoying the the airport cab driving simulator game, probably the best of all modern cab sim 2020 and beyond.
v2.0.3 · 48.3MB
My City: Cops and Robbers1.0.4_Popularmodapk.com

My City: Cops and Robbers

My City: Cops and Robbers APK is the latest version in the popular My City game series for children by My Town Games. You can download the game through the link below the article to install this game for free.

Introduce about My City: Cops and Robbers

Nearly 100 million children around the world have been playing My City, the creative education game series by My Town Games. Each My City game simulates a vivid and close visual world. There, children are free to explore and learn new things about the world around them. Millions of downloads show that My City series is really safe and suitable for children.


Coming to My City: Cops and Robbers, kids will be able to play the role of a police officer and be tasked with protecting the city from thieves’ harassment. Children must investigate, find criminal’s hideout and arrest them. Of course, this is a game for kids so there are absolutely no elements of violence at all. It’s all about stories, adventures in which the children are heroic characters.

Not only taking children to exciting adventures, My City: Cops and Robbers is also a useful educational book for children. The children will fully understand the work and duties of the police officers. In addition to raiding and robbery, they also have other activities such as neighborhood patrol, sniffing dog training, helping the elderly, … And the children are also learning to distinguish good deeds from deeds bad, knowing what to do to make people happy, and of course, not allowed to do bad things.

Playing in many roles

Besides playing the role of a good policeman, who always helping people, players can play the role of many other characters to don’t get bored. They can play the role of a supreme judge of the court to strictly handle criminals. Or the children can play the role of talented detectives, in addition to tracking the thief, they also have to solve difficult puzzles through the pictures.

But My City: Cops and Robbers is not purely about good things, good people. The game also allows the role of thief characters to steal items from the shops. However, this will not adversely affect children. It is just a deterrent lesson: if you become a bad guy and do evil things, you must receive the punishment of the law. It can be said that everything in My City: Cops and Robbers leads children to become a good person, a useful citizen to society.


My City: Cops and Robbers, like other My City games, are for children aged 3-10 years old. This is the age that begins to have the first realizations about life. Therefore, everything in the games has its own meaning. Touching and interacting with objects they see helps children learn about everything around them. In particular, in this game, there are other fun characters and places that are simulated in detail, so each character, each location is interesting stories for children to explore.

There are many places in My City: Cops and Robbers such as police station, courts, gemstones, bakeries, prisons, … Each location is a story with specific characters. For example, in court, kids can look at the criminal justice of judges and lawyers, or at the gem store with stories about buying and selling, stolen, … This world is vivid and close to life, so besides the fun, it also brings deep lessons for children.

A good choice for kids

Most games today have elements of violence and horror, so finding a game that is safe for children is not easy. And the reason My City: Cops and Robbers is such a great choice for kids is because it’s safe and highly educational. Being a good policeman is not just about teaching kids to help others, it also helps them learn to go to work on time, act quickly and be responsible for what they do.

In addition, My City: Cops and Robbers is also a playground to make friends with the system connected via the Internet and multi-touch. Thanks to that, the children can play games together, connect with each other through one screen. What could be more fun than seeing your kids learning and playing together safety?

v1.0.4 · 55.5MB
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